The smoking technique we use on our meats at SmokeHouse 54 is centered on the “Slow and Low” concept, which is low temperature cooking for long periods of time. What makes our BBQ different? A blend of cherry, apple and hickory woods produces a rich smoky flavor in our meats along with Executive Chef Steve Muhlbaier’s unique take on BBQthatblends flavors and smoking techniques from several of the regional BBQ styles across the United States.

Chef Steve’s BBQ has been influenced by several regional BBQ styles around the country.North Carolina is known for its use of vinegar, creating a nice tangy flavor. Kansas City-style BBQ has the sweet, sticky sauce that is used on their famous ribs. Texas and Memphis use dry rubs, but for different results.  Memphis dry rubs have some heat, giving some “kick” to the flavor profile. Texas uses the same dry rub concept to create the famous deep dark “bark” on their brisket. The bark is the dark smoked crust that is created on the outer surface of the meat, which blends down into the reddish-purple smoke ring on the inside of the meat, which signifies proper smoking technique. Chef Muhlbaier has blended those concepts and flavors to create his own unique style of BBQ here at SmokeHouse 54.

Take a look at our menu and stop by our restaurant today see what a difference BBQ cooked low and slow makes!